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Presenting the full spectrum of the food cold chain systems, IISM Surabaya will be a 4-in-1 mega show covering cold chain, packaging and processing technologies as well as logistics and bulk packaging solutions for Indonesia’s huge food production sector.

Optimize these opportunities in Surabaya:

• Economic growth reached 6.73% in 2014, exceeding the East Java province’s economic growth of 5.86% and the national economic growth of 5.02%.
• Strong infrastructure and well connected by land, air and sea transport infrastructure to serve local, regional and international business activities.
• With a GDP of 365 trillion Rupiah or USD 27 billion in 2014, the largest contributing sector to GDP is the services sector (consisting of trade, hotels and restaurants) with a contribution of 44.3%.
• Manufacturing sector provided 19.93% to the GDP (2nd largest contributor)
• Leading Penanaman Modal Asing-Penanaman Modal Dalam Negeri (PMAPMDN) investment location with total realised investment (foreign direct and domestic investment) of 28.54 trillion Rupiah (USD 2.9 billion) in 2015

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