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Storage, Transport & Logistic Experts
Government, Association & Institution

Senior Management
Technical Management
Maintenance / Quality Control
Research / Development
Purchasing / Procurement
Engineering / Design Management
Production / Manufacturing Management
Sales & Marketing Management

Frozen seafood and meat products
Processed & Canned Seafood and Meat Dried Seafood
All kinds of cold storage
Cold storage components and assembled parts
Refrigeration compressors
Air coolers
Ice machine
Frozen equipment
Nitrogen machine
Freeze-drying equipment
Vacuum freeze-drying technology
Low temperature freezing
Pressure pre-cooling
Vacuum cooling
Aluminum pipes
Pumps and fans
Testing equipment
Cold storage automation technology
Butcher machines
Slicing and portioning machines
Cleaning equipment
Plastic wrap
Carton packaging
Deep freeze packaging
Display packages
Labels and label supply
Folding boxes
Vacumm packaging materials
Aseptic packaging equipment
X-ray scanner
Vacumm packaging machines and equipment
Check weighing devices and equipment
Carton box packaging
Barcode technology and RFID technology
Sealing machines
Shrink wrapping machines
Label making machines
Mobile refrigerated containers
Display cabinets
Fresh cabinet
Professional cabinets
Explosion-proof refrigerator freezer
Fresh retail equipment
Temperature control
Thermal insulation technology
Humidification & dehumidification
Low temperature instruments
Refrigeration boxes
Ice packs
Cold packs and other cold storage materials
Vehicle refrigeration units and components
Cold storage and refrigerated transportation management systems
Cold chain distribution and procurement systems
Food safety tracing system
Rail carriers
Rail transport agent or partner
Air: airlines
Air cargo agents
Shipping: shipping carriers, shipping agents, combined transport
Waterage: sea or waterway transport companies or waterway freight agent
Rail road, highway or rail- sea combined transport
Refrigerated trucks
Vehicle refrigeration units and components
Storage & warehouse

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