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7th IISM Jakarta in 2019 Equips Indonesia's Seafood & Meat Markets Industry with Innovative Solutions

Indonesia is a key market for international market players as the country is the second world
largest market for seafood, meat and food processing industry. Leading businesses in the
food cold chain sector are invited to join IISM (Jakarta) to experience Indonesia’s flourishing
food production sector, particularly in seafood and meat for cold food supply.
Both local and foreign companies will benefit from better understanding of the Indonesian
market potential as well as opportunities to contribute towards Indonesia’s food industry
growth that is aimed towards increase its export capabilities. New high-tech machinery,
equipment and other supply needs are required to boost Indonesia’s capacity to export first
class seafood products.
Indonesia has immense potential in the fishery industry being the largest archipelagic
country globally, with more than thirteen thousand islands, Indonesia is rich in marine
resources. With this, Indonesia scores among the top five of fishery and aquaculture
producers in the world. Its output can reach its domestic shores as well as internatonal
markets with the advancement of technologies in storage and logistics to preserve the
quality of the produce.
IISM Jakarta’s draw in attracting relevant businesses providing food cold chain needs
required by Indonesia’s many food production, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality
businesses make the show a must-attend event for business visitors there.
While focused on serving local market needs, IISM Jakarta previous editions also attracted
international visitors who are invested in Indonesia’s booming food production and supply
market. The country’s rich seafood and meat production industries are now supported by an
increasingly modern transport infrastructure with high-tech logistics.
Business Indicators from Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia
From the Indonesia Marine and Fisheries Business and Investment Opportunities Report,
February 2017/2018, the top business opportunities within the whole fishery, meat and food
production value chain are most rampant in areas such as aquafarming / nursery & hatchery,
service providers in agricultural feed, vaccines others, equipment providers, processing &
packaging machinery, cold storage & refrigeration systems, transportation & logistics and
IISM Jakarta wide product range spans across cold chain distribution & management
systems, freight forwarding & logistics services, fresh chilled & frozen seafood & meat,
laboratory test equipment for quality assurance, packaging & labelling supplies, processing
machinery & equipment and refrigeration supplies machinery. Participating companies
understand the Indonesian market potential as well as opportunities and help Indonesia
increase its export capabilities. Their products and other innovative offerings can enhance
Indonesia’s ability to export first class seafood products.
As a central trade platform, IISM Jakarta also allows exhibitors to reach more customers and
establish wider cross-region business connections from Jakarta to the rest of Indonesia. The
exhibition matches suppliers and business clients to achieve end-to-end distribution and
efficient supply chain operations to reach end customers successfully. This year, IISM
Jakarta has received overwhelming response from returning exhibitors who are filling half of
the show floor area.
Companies including local distributors such as Alpine Cool, Snowman, Sentras Box, Tunas
Mitra, Kaltrendo and others will present their latest range of new-in-market offerings and
popular products amongst commercial buyers. International brands comprising Lenard,
Bitzer, Mayekawa, Patkol and others will showcase innovations that will enhance operational
performance of businesses in the food retail and refrigeration service sectors. Their
technologies can be augmented with products offered by systems solutions providers;
Johnson Control, Fillomatic, Sinofreeze and others that aim to help improve how businesses
manage their refrigeration assets.
With the expansion of this year’s product range to include auxiliary equipment and other
necessities such as flooring and insulation needs in the factories or warehouses, companies
can seek the products from Silikal Indonesia, Propan and OG Corporation. In order to cater
to increasing requirements by food producers to adopt better processing machineries, Best
World, Air Products, Global Cool, Topre will demonstrate new machines that will be sold at
competitive prices for local buyers.
IISM Jakarta 2019 will have a strong line-up of concurrent seminars and technical
presentations by industry associations and exhibiting companies who will be sharing their
expertise on latest technologies. Trade visitors can expect a beneficial experience at the
show as they meet directly with the exhibitors and explore the different products available for
purchase over the 3-day exhibition.
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